London escorts are setting relationship goals

Should we set goals in our relationships? I think so and I was telling my London escorts friends that I believe that my marriage has been successful because my husband and I have been able to set some goals. None of our goals have been emotional goals but they have been things being mortgage free by the age of 50. In a way, I said to my London escorts friends, these goals have led to more emotional freedom. Now, we don’t have to worry so much about money, instead we can focus on some of the good things in life which are just as important.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know how I would have managed if we did not have goals in our relationship. Some of my London escorts friends thought all of this sounded really strange but it is important to have something to aim for in your relationship with your partner. At the moment our goals our much simpler. We are saving up for a cruise to Japan and that is a goal that we all can look forward to. Just like paying off the mortgage, it is a positive step which will bring us happiness. Explaining it this way made my London escorts friends realize that there might be something to goal setting.

But what happens if you are in a relationship where your goals are different? More than often it will lead to conflict and problems. Sadly, quite a few of my London escorts friends have been in this kind of a relationship and they know how tough it can be. It is nice to be able to set a target and plan the journey ahead. That makes arriving at the destination so much more satisfying and we can feel content in our lives. Content and peace, I explained to the London escorts over lunch, is just as important as wild passion.

Looking at my life, I think that I have managed pretty well. There has been a few dips and lows on the way but all of our little problems have made us stronger. We don’t fight like many other couples but we do have disagreements. Disagreements are normal in any relationship and most of the best and horniest London escorts have experienced as well. We may have disagreement with our partner or the London escorts agencies that we work for. But, if we can focus on our goals those disagreements will seem minor and we can move on.

So, what goals should you set? Well, it all depends on what you want to do with your life. I am a big travel junkie and so is my husband. We have always aimed to go and see things, and experience new things. This to us is really exciting and gives us a spice of life. Fortunately our daughter feels the same way so she doesn’t mind traveling. She even likes going to the opera which is one of my husband’s big passions. My big passion is sports and competitions. The great thing is that we can fit in our traveling goals around our big passions, and that is what really matters. So power executive, London escort or housewife relationship goal setting is very important.

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